Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Worthy?

So many of these blog type things seem so dorky. What is blog worthy? Who cares about my bicycle addiction? People asking me about more relevant topics that I haven't gotten to yet, like baby stuff and our home improvement issues (which are looming large right now).

Some of this is a learning experience for me too...I'm always iffy about the security around putting too much personal junk on the web. Maybe I'm nuts, but I'll get there at some point, and develop a comfort level that comes with use and practice. Other people I know that blog sure do put things on their pages that I would consider much too private, especially in today's world. Oh well...In the meantime, bike pictures!


Steve said...

Other bike people will be into it!

The comfort level definitely evolves over time. But I still have moments when I think, "Why on earth did I put THAT on the Web??"

Utahdog said...

So far, you are my audience!

phd girl said...

Are you kidding??? Bikes are SO COOL! they are totally blogworthy! I live on the side of a steep hill, so I am currently sans bike, but would like an old fashioned coaster brake bike to take to a flat place to ride.