Sunday, March 30, 2008


Worked a bit more on the blue EWR. Avid BB7 disc brakes installed, wheels trued and cleaned (they are from the Ti bike, which will get a new set of wheels more in tune with its vintage) drivetrain sorted NOS Sachs New Success, Race Face Isis BB and Turbine cranks (single front chain ring and RF bashguard), Kalloy seatpost and a fresh SDG Kevlar saddle. All added to the Revelation Fork and King HS that I installed yesterday. I picked up the Kalloy seatpost as a temporary solution to the odd 29.4 post size. I can only find Thomsons in that size, and while I like Thomson stuff, I'm looking for something that speaks to an earlier generation of mountain bikes. I feel like this frame originally went into production in 1991 or so, and even though the reintroduction has a good many geometry changes, to build the thing with new function but vintage style would be sort of cool. I am a geek.

Baby challenge level was high today...lots of testing and limit pushing. We spent the day with my wifes brother and that was lots of excitement for the baby, but the baby schedule suffered a bit. Anyone with kids knows...don't mess with the schedule! Oops.

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Steve said...

Is the first part of this post written in English??