Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tata for LR!

Tata buys Land Rover!

It's been rumored for almost a year now, that the sale of Land Rover by Ford could result in the LR brand being owned by a non-traditional automobile builder (well...non-traditional in the sense that we're not very aware of Tata in the states anyway!) I've been asked by a few friends in the office, rather smugly, what this will mean for me and my love afair with the planet-choking vehicles from Solihull. Look, I was more woried when the dorks at Ford were in control! Somehow Land Rover being associated with an asian truck company makes me feel better than an association with the Taurus!

The number of people that think I own the thing because of blind status is actually sort of scary. I don't have one so I can get a good spot at the "theatre" folks. I also get frequent razzings from those who question what a cyclist and cycling advocate is doing with a truck that gets 12mpg rolling downhill with the engine off. Well, it aint what you drive that will save the planet, its how you drive, and I live 5 miles from work, in a mixed use community, and I carpool or bike everyday. Besides my VW is more of an environmental nightmare than the LR. Oh well.

Sadly, Land Rover hasn't been the same since the last solid axle Discovery rolled off the line in 2004...nothing but station wagons now, and bloody rich station wagons to boot! Buy a Volvo if you're looking for a new wagon...of course then you're back to giving money to Ford!

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