Friday, March 28, 2008

VW lives!

Drove it back to the office downtown after picking it up from Hilltop on the northside. Funny little car...I'd forgotten how exhausting the thing is to drive. Every little ripple in the road makes a rattle and every mechanical process and function makes a full range of funky noises. After driving a modern car for 10 years, you sure do forget how an old car feels. This weekend it gets a bath and a full detail, then I'll button up some trim issues that have materialized over the last 10 years and gone unattended, toss a fresh fire extinguisher and some oil in the boot, and drive it for the spring. Tires are pretty flat-spotted, which is unfortunate, as they are not very old (well, miles wise anyway, they are nearly 10 years old by the callendar!). The new brakes work remarkable well, and the turn signals...I can't remember the last time the turn signals worked with any consistancy. Amazing what a little cleaning of the harness and panel will do for wonky electrics. I'll post a post-bath pic later in the weekend.

Vroom Vroom!

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Steve said...

Fire extinguisher -- a top priority!