Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beast of the East on the commute!

OK, so Cannondale never intended for the M800 to be a commuter, but thats just what I'm using it for. Rode in to work today on the new-old bike, and I love it. Light, fast and smooth. Some small issues, like seat adjustments and bar adjustments and stuff, and the red DX 636 pedals interfere with my SPD sandals, so I'll have to swap those out for some smaller pedals to use my sandals. I think this one will work out nicely as my daily bike, and of course, its retro cool!

I am a geek.

Have a nice day, Tina Louise!


Steve said...

Ha! Nice try! DON'T STEAL MY IDEAS! :)

Utahdog said...

I figured that would get your goat!

Anonymous said...


Utahdog said...

Hmmm.....Anonymous huh?