Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Another one on the Beast...a beautiful morning. Just a little overcast enough to take out some of the glare, but still crisp and clear. Days like this are why I live in NE Florida.

Last night the little monster was in a very atypical mood. We were in the backyard and I was playing "bubbles"with her. She loves soap bubbles, so whenever you go to the backdoor, she says,"outside! outside!" and then runs out to the patio table, where the soap bottle is and yells, "bubbles! bubbles!" until you blow a few hundred of them for her to chase around the yard. Mom came out in the yard and took over bubble-duty for a bit and then we tried to put away the bubbles to go in for dinner, and the rug-rat flat out erupted! Screaming "BUBBLES!" for about 2 hours! We finally gave up on dinner and went to bed early, although she didn't actually fall asleep until a bit after 9. Irony is mom and I were just talking about number 2. Number 1 must have heard the conversaion and shifted into "status quo maintenance mode". Crazy kid.

This morning..."Cookies! Cookies!"


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Steve said...

Wait'll she starts screaming "ALLOWANCE! CAR KEYS!"