Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grumbles and Buckles.

Spent some time yesterday evening running cables and tweaking out the EWR. Some Observations...

Why the hell are the rear triangle brake cable braze-ons on the underside of the stay when the caliper feed is on the top of the caliper on every disc I can think of! As it is, the housing runs along the underside of the stay, then with less that 4 inches of distance between the last braze-on and the caliper, the housing has to wrap 180 degrees around the stay and then feed the caliper! Looks like a piece of black macaroni on my nice blue frame.

Also, there are no cable feeds on the Revelation, so I just zip-tie the housing to the lower leg and the brace, where RS has provided miniscule little bumps as some sort of lame guide? No wonder my buddy Matt's Pike looks like his front housing is just flapping in the is!

My BB is not threaded deep enough on the drive side for my Race Face ISIS BB, either the EWR is shallow or the cup for the Race Face is deeper than the norm.

Is it me, or did frames and parts from BITD not have as many of these issues? I was a much worse mechanic back then, and I remember building and tearing down bikes once and sometimes twice a week for grins! I bet even buddy Taylor couldn't rebuild his fork before a ride with this modern stuff they're feeding us. (Of course he never should have tried that in the first place, and we will never let him live it down.) I expect quirkiness from the frame, hell the first EWR had the weirdest front derailleur cable rouing in the universe, but the fork guides just leave me wondering what-ho!

Enough with the granny-bitching...she's a purdy bike...and my Sachs rear derailleur pounds off shifts with a frame-rattling clonk! *Click*...*Ker-KLUNK!*


On a lighter note, one of my roadie friends dared me to wear my Shimano XT 25th Aniv. belt buckle to work today so I did. I dig it, but strangely my wife wont speak to me today. hmmm. Worst thing is that my pants don’t fit after losing the weight (46lbs!), so the buckle hangs down and makes like a tray from McDonalds!


Steve said...

If you use it like a tray from McDonald's, that 46 lbs will come back pronto! :)

Utahdog said...

You are my number 1 fan. You are my only fan! I'm going to have to use "Tina Louise" in my posts more often to drum up some bidness.

Today for lunch...Whataburger!

Steve said...

Well, that's how blogging works. For the most part you're writing to a silent world! But don't worry, some bicycle wonks will find you soon enough.

Utahdog said...

Wonks? Is that yankee talk? You pic that up in Joshua Tree?