Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collective "Seasons"

I flew up to Atlanta to go to a release party for the mountain bike movie "Seasons" This is the third release from the production group that calls themselves the Collective. More great cinematography and some great action. Just as is the case with the first two films, I recommend "Seasons" not just to fans of cycling, but also just as good clean exciting entertainment. Good Stuff. Check it out.

I had flown in just for the occasion, and to do a little brainstorming on my next career move. Sometimes its a good idea to whet your entrepreneurial whistle a bit by spectating on others grand schemes and their successes and failures. Anyway, Airtran handled the transport (and we didn't nose into a swamp so I'll call it a good flight) and then I rode the MARTA from Hartsfield Jackson out to Decatur. I like to try out other solutions to mass transit when I have the chance, and lord knows I never have the chance in FLA. Marta was very nice. Clean and quick and very affordable. I would never drive to the airport if I lived in the ATL...nope. Kiss and Ride.

The premier was held at the Sweetwater Brewery in ATL, which was nice because one of my buddies does contract work for the brewery, so he got us in for free and then the beer flowed gratis as well. Five 420s and a free pint glass later, we went to Six Feet Under and ate dinner.

The next day we poked around some local shops looking for old school schwag that maybe lasted the last 10 years without being sold. No such luck, but I did find a nifty bell with dinosaurs and a bloodshot eye on it. Not really sure what the two have to do with one another, or for that matter what either of them have to do with a bike bell, but hey....dough, you can't take it with you!

Tomorrow I'm on a plane for Virginny for a wedding, so the updates will be sparse for a little bit longer.

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Steve said...

Holy cow! You live!

You should post a picture of that bell. :)