Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garden Boxes

I built these with the lumber left over from the demolition of our old back porch. Hey, I'm not going to throw away 16 foot long 2x8s! those suckers are rich! Now we have lots of space to grow our own veggies, in preparation for the economy to completely go to crap. They are pressure treated, but painted, so that should keep us from being poisoned!

The boxes have a 2 foot by 8 foot footprint, and there are two of them, although I have the material to build a third. I'll have to make sure we have someplace to put it first before I do that. The little box in the front is a sandbox for the baby. I'll have to figure out a way to make a screen to keep the neighborhood cats out when it's not in use, and a shade so the poor kid doesn't bake in the sun like a turkey! They are all just sitting off to the side right now, waiting for us to determine where we'll put them. The tomatoes in the original 4x4 box are doing great. We harvested the onions and the strawberries look great, but haven't doen much in the way of fruiting all season.

The screen porch guy comes tomorrow, and my car goes in to the shop for a 150$ "diagnostic check". The Service Engine light came on...not good, and then began to blink...really not good. When it rains it poors! Look at the bright side though, more rain means more veggies!

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