Friday, May 30, 2008


The porch contractor is a no-show...what a suprise. This is the same contractor that wanted 50% up front for "supplies'. Yeah right.

Rover repairs were 1200 bucks. Gulp...1200 bucks that I wasn't interested in spending on spark plug wires, a coil pack, and an oil change. Damn British cars...

Saturday and Sunday is the Tour de Cure....a two day 130 mile bicycle tour from Bolles HS here in Jacksonville, to St Augustine Beach. My rear shifter on the Carrera is on the fritz...STI I'll be a little slowed by chunky shifting but I'll be there. The baby tried to give me her Virus, but I've avoided it so far.

More updates soon. Grumble mode off.

Where is that porch guy!

1 comment:

Steve said...

Good thing you didn't give him any money yet -- of course, maybe that's why he's not showing up.

That baby is a virus machine!

(But she's a cute virus machine.)