Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday Monday!

Big Momma is on her way to O-town for a conference, so me and mini-me will be on our own tonight. I'm SURE she will be on her best behavior! I figure we'll head on over to the town center or maybe we'll get some dinner somewhere. Something that will get her out to wear off some of her energy so that she'll go to bed! There is a fine line with mini-me, if you get her too tired, she'll be wide awake and nutty as a fruitcake. If you don't wear her out she won't be tired and you'll never get her to sleep. Funny how the rug-rats roll...

Rug-rat delivery service means no bike, just gas-sucking Land Rover.

She's a good little rug-rat though. Land Rover pretty ok, too. Bike is better.

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