Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain Barrel!

I am a farmer!
Put together my Rain Barrel made from a flexible down spout, a 44 gal Rubbermaid trash container (rated for food contact too!) and some plumbing supplies. The ground under the barrel is cleared and tamped level, and then I used the 2x8"s from the old porch to build a deck for the barrel, set the barrel in place, trimmed the flexible gutter and drilled holes and installed the fittings with plumbers tape and viola!...One William Faulkner, run-on sentence describing how I built a rain barrel from a trash can!

It didn't rain all weekend.

This is just like the time I laid down 2 pallets of sod and then it didn't rain for 6 weeks and the sod died.

Oh well...RAIN BARREL!
I also got my tomatoes in the ground in the other two planter boxes. 1250 lbs of soil and composted manure and some cedar stakes and now, combined with the three plants in the square planter box, we now have eleven tomato plants!
Last night I made fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, and Big Momma and I have decided to name our second child "Tomato". To deal with my male pattern baldness, I have started gluing tomatoes on my head. Got to use all these tomatoes...

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Steve said...

I'll just call you tomatohead from now on. (Come to think of it, I'm sure I've called you that before.)