Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Uninvited Lumberyard

Uninvited Lumberyard...which translates to big-a$$ branch on the house. The roofer came by this morning and dried us in, he'll make the permanent repairs to the roof next week, which includes patching 5 holes ranging in size from silver dollar to dime. He'll also cut away a 3 foot section of the drip edge and repair the framing below that as needed, then of course replace the drip edge. Then a Hydro-Stop finish will be reapplied and we'll be set, at least until another lumberyard incident... He also applied the first round of the Hydro-Stop to the new junction with the porch, which he had flashed for prior to the porch installation. Of course, all of this roof trauma is karma for my earlier crack about c-section scars. Oh well, it's only money, and that can be replaced by a few quarts of plasma, so we're all good.

We did finally sit on the porch last night. After I'd cleared the debris and put away the chainsaw I talked to mom a bit on the phone while I moved the furniture back onto the porch. Then after mom was tired of listening to me pout, big-mama whipped up some Sangria out of my last bottle of Chianti (I know, I know, Spanish drink...Italian wine. What can I say, I was celebrating the Spaniard atop the podium of the Giro d'Italia). We downed the whole pitcher and I felt better about the day's gloomy events. OK...I downed most of the pitcher, I'll come clean. Remember we're talking about two generations of mamas here, people. I'm a sad little man, but I'm not getting shnockered on the porch with my own mom for crying out loud.

Tonight, unless the sky drops another torrent, we'll grill some chicken breasts that have been in a nice lime and basil marinade for the last 24 hours or so. Yum. That would have been yesterday's dinner, but that whole roof branch thing...

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Steve said...

Mom never gets tired of listening to you pout. That's her job.