Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knog Frogs!

My trusty Specialized After Burner Comp blinky light bit the dust last night, so on the ride home yesterday, in the rain and the darkening skies, I stopped by the local shop and picked up 4 of these little buggers (2 white and 2 red...all clear jelly bodies). They are pretty spiffy little bits, and seem pretty well made. As I'll only be using them as commuter "please don't hit me, thanks!" lights, they needn't be terribly bright, but the Frogs belay their diminutive size with some pretty good lumen or candlepower or whatever the hell its called. Two thumbs up for the Knog Frogs initially, we'll see if they last as long as the After Burner.
Yeah I ganked the photo from the Knog website...head over there and buy something and keep me out of jail!

1 comment:

Steve said...

They won't mind. You're advertising for 'em. :)