Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I picked up this undersized steel frame from the ol' fleabay for the purpose of building it into a trials bike. Back in my time, stock trials pretty much meant having a bike with 26 inch wheels that you could hop around on stuff with without fear of pranging it. I really have no fear of that with the 'goose, first because it was cheap. Second because I always thought Mongoose and their little fellow pretend BMX brands were cheap. Finally because the gwat I bought it from took an eon to ship the POS and on top of that packaged the thing for shipping so badly that the head tube poked through the box and was dinged! I returned the tube to round with a hand doll and a metal facing hammer from grandfather's box of old toys and pressed in a deep skirt steel headset so there are no structural issues and it surely won't creak. Please people, if you sell on ebay, be fair on the shipping costs, box the stuff well, and ship in a timely fashion. If you're too busy to box it right and get it in the mail then you're too busy to sell on the fleabay. Period.

Positive note...the bike is pretty neat and I think it will make a nice play-toy for the back yard. After I get it built I'm going to use the last of the wood from the porch to make a few simple trials obstacles for the back yard and then I'm going to see if I can break my clavicle.

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Steve said...


I always get clavicles and scapulas confused. I guess breaking either one would be bad, though.