Thursday, July 3, 2008

San Felasco State Park

I took a mental health day on Tuesday, and went to San Felasco State Park just north of Gainesville in Alachua. I normally take my birthday off of work and do something alone like hit the trails, but with the birthday falling on a weekend, I didn't want to miss out on family time so I pushed my day to Tuesday. We also had all that crazy rain barrel flooding weather last weekend that Tuesday turned out to be the first really dry day in quite a while.

The State Parks system has added on to the San Felasco Park since I last went, and the new trails do a lot to add to the diversity of the park. Used to be that a major percentage of the park was pine uplands, they have now added some lower more technical trails, and some fast woodland sweeper trails too. I took the camera and snapped a few pictures.

The amazing part of the day though were the deer! I lost count at 25! There were bucks with 4-5 points, does and even a few fawns! There were more of them than there were squirrels! That was neat.

Then...disaster of sorts. I had forgotten my pump (foreshadowing) and my drive train developed a bit of a creak. About as far from the parking lot as I could get, I ran over something that punctured my front tire, and the creak turned out to be a loose drive side crank arm. Well a walking I would go. 8 miles back to the car. Total ride distance about 25 miles, and then another 8 walking, and the deer and I got to know each other pretty well. They would let me walk right past them within 10 feet or so, and only spooked when I reached for the camera.
A good day. The bike issues and the walking were my fault, as I built the bike but then took the tools for another, so I had no pump and no 8mm allen. Lesson learned.

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Steve said...

Bummer about the walking. But at least you got to see things a little more slowly, and get some good photos!