Monday, July 28, 2008

a week on the farm...part 3

The rest of the week we spent with Big Momma's grandparents who have a farm in the Ionia/Sebewa area east of East Lansing. The lifestyle on the farm, at least for one just visiting rather than one working, is so relaxed and peaceful. Big barns, tall corn, soybeans, rusty cool old pick-up trucks with big attachments for clearing snow or working the earth. There is a community center not far from the farm that was built on the site of a one room school house that had been recently torn down. The original swing set for the old school is still there and in working condition, so we would walk each day with the baby to the swing and see-saw. The baby learned new phrases on the farm.

"Want to Swing?"


Steve said...

Is that a baby wandering all alone on the road? Some father you are. :)

Steve said...

Oh, never mind. I enlarged it. It appears the baby had an adult escort.

Utahdog! said...

is'ok...I am still a horrible father!