Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fat man in a little coat! taking a few days off from the bike won't exactly make me Chris Farley, but I'm not on the bike today or yesterday either way. Baby was sick this past weekend, and now I've got a tickle in the nose and some stinky scents that remind of bacteria and general rot, so I'm taking it easy and passing on the bike for a few days. Besides, the temperature today is 98 degrees, so I'll sit inside and be Farley-ish and cool, thank you very much!

I went home yesterday and took a few hours of comp time that I'd pooled up to cover it. Didn't feel too good, and I needed some physical as well as mental R&R. I bought a Race Face Atlas crank set that I fitted to the blue EWR, so I installed that. During the process I realized that the EWR has a 71mm bb shell instead of the spec'd 73. That played havoc with the bearing tension and preload on the Atlas set, so what should have been a simple task of maybe 30 minutes took almost 4 hours. Chain line is a bit wonky still, but I'll tinker with it and ask the EWR guys what they recommend. And yeah...I wanted them because they have neat little maps etched in the black anodized finish. Cool. I am a geek.

Then I took a nap.

Tomorrow, bridges training ride.

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Steve said...

I read this yesterday, so I'm not sure why I didn't comment. I must have gotten distracted. Then again, what do I have to say? Um, nothing, really.