Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the Block...

Here's a potential fleabay dump.

I've owned this TST-Sandvik ti mountain frame since 05, and it is an 03 model. The thing rides great, is ti so I don't have to worry about chipping the paint, and I'll probably never be motivated enough on the ti front to ever seek out a more custom or expensive ti frame for myself so this job would arguably be the last ti I own. Problem is, I have 5 other built mountain bikes (two which I think are headed for breakdown and ebay in their own rights) and this sucker is one of two unbuilt frames in the shop.

I had it on the 'bay last week with a crazy reserve, just fishing, and it topped at a number that I would never sell it for. Maybe a BIN listing is the ticket?

It's a nicely made frame. The welds are typical TST stuff, so they aren't shameful by any measure, but they wouldn't ever be mistaken for Vandermark work. Part of me says it's not hurting anything just hanging in the shop maybe waiting for another day in the sun, and part of me says, move want to refocus your life on the things that are important, and this bike, seeing as it only has a smattering of parts on it, clearly isn't on that list. Besides...selling it gets you closer to property in North Carolina.



Steve said...

Property in North Carolina? When we already have a perfectly good, if heavily weathered, farmhouse just a few hundred miles north? :)

Utahdog! said...
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