Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tsali!...and a QUOTE!

We're back home from our camping trip with the baby and things went very well. Baby slept like a rock on Friday and Saturday nights, and only stuttered a bit on Thursday night, when I think her little internal clock was all kerflooey from the drive. She would display similar wackiness on Sunday night when we were driving home, and then trying to get her in bed later that night. 10 hours in a car is enough to make anyone nutty, but when you're a dinky little kid stuck in a safety seat, crazy is just below the surface...

Trails in the campground were great! It rained just a bit on Friday morning, just enough to keep the dust down, and we got in three laps, Right, Left and then Right again (3rd lap was solo for me), for a total of about 36 miles or so. A good day's work. Saturday we did Thompson, Mouse, Thompson back to back to back before lunch, then I ate lunch, drank a Sweetwater 420, and hit the trail for another Thompson. Can't get enough of the Thompson downhill at Tsali, that and the Left loop are the nicest trails in the park. It's a fun place to visit with the bikes, and it's a much more recreational place than Pisgah, difficulty-wise, but then again, you'd be nuts to drink beer and ride Bennett Gap, whereas Tsali on beers is the way to go!

Fall leaves too! WHEEEEE!
"I don't know if I prefer Astroturf to grass...I've never smoked Astroturf!"
-Joe Namath

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