Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to WORK!

The family and I all trudged down to Tampa to see the grandparents this weekend. Half the grandparents anyway...it's just too complicated to organize a quick trip and see everybody, so we've been splitting the trips instead. So far (only three trips I think over the last year) this has worked out OK, but I think that this weekend is going to blow that plan clean out of the water.

Last Thursday I went for a night ride in the Westside Regional park here in town. Quick little 8 mile set of trails affords the urbanite cyclist and the drunken axe murderer the opportunity to commune with nature. I have purchased a new light, a Stella 200L from Light and Motion. The little sucker works pretty damn good, even if the battery pack and charger are made in China. The unit is advertised as made in USA, and the folks at L&M will say "made in USA" when asked (I did) but I guess the correct question would have been " is any bit of that thing made in a country with completely substandard environmental practices?" to which the answer surely would have been different...


Positive traits of the Stella 200L light though...good beam pattern, small and light weight, quick charge time, 5 hour burn time, and the low setting is powerful enough to use, without blinding the hapless plebs with substandard lights. I'd recommend it...if you can stomach the $260 cost and the 50% China contents of the box.

Was I able to keep up with the group on my first ride back in the woods? At night? I'll answer it with a quote...It was a piece of cake...

..."Like a Bald Eagle catching a Chihuahua in a shoebox!"
'Joes Diner'
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Steve said...

Yes, but the question is, is the light bright enough to blind the drunken axe murderer?