Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big-O!! 349-147! WOW!

Final election thoughts...then I'm-a moving on! January 20th can't get here fast enough...

I was on the fence until about July or so...when the strategists began to screw up McCain...and then the whole Palin thing pushed me solidly into the Obama camp, so I was greatly relieved that O pulled it off. At the same time, I felt really bad for McCain. By allowing strategists to pollute his reputation and control his message (and select his running-mate) he really missed out on an opportunity. Probably an opportunity only to make a better showing, as Obama did win in very convincing fashion, but still. Only in the final speech of his campaign did McCain actually begin to sound like McCain again.

Obama's victory speech was very, very well crafted. Masterful. Even in crazy-conservative Jacksonville, people were whooping it up in the streets, and this morning the water cooler talk was almost nearly universally positive. Today is a good day.



Steve said...

I love how excited people are.

I agree about McCain -- he sounded more like himself in the concession speech than he has in months. (But I still wouldn't have voted for him.)

I even felt bad for Sarah Palin. They did a disservice to her, too, because she was in so far over her head.

Utahdog! said...

I agree with that Palin comment too. The sad thing about her is that I still don't think she feels like she was in over her head herself. I wonder if that's just stupidity or naivety. And now the Neos are gearing up the spin machine to claim that she's the sole reason for the loss. Ugh! I need a private island.