Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Now that the weekend is over and the dust has settled I can finally, peacefully wish everyone a good holiday. Maybe I should start now with the Thanksgiving well-wishes!
The Baby celebrated Halloween on Wednesday at the day-care, dressing up in her dragon costume and trick-or-treating from class to class. We were a home-body bunch on Friday night, though. Baby still to young, I think...and I'm sort of pessimistic about the holiday more than maybe I Should be, so getting out on the road on a holiday evening with a bunch of drunk loonies all over just seemed to be a bad idea. So we stayed in and passed out candy, and played with the baby, and after she went to bed, I enjoyed a few Rogue Dead Guy Ales to celebrate. Seemed the fitting beer of choice for the season!


Steve said...

I think trick-or-treating at school was probably the perfect solution. Hope you have pictures of that dragon costume!

I did like "Shaun of the Dead" -- and now I know who Simon Pegg is. An excellent movie for Halloween!

(My word verification is "redleck." Hmmm...)

Utahdog! said...

"Hot Fuzz"...put it in your NetFlix cue!