Thursday, November 20, 2008

More RIP

OK, nobody or nothing died this time, at least not suddenly, but there surely has been a death of a trend...or at least a revision of sorts which changes everything in the Vintage-Retro-Classic bike world. Been evolving lately, but now it's official.

EBay is a bust for VRC parts.


The last few auctions I've attempted to win went for insane money. Same for a few I've been watching just out of curiosity.

The word is out.

The trend in popularity of VRC parts in mountain biking is well established, in many ways to the detriment of the newer soul-less alternatives. Predictable result...prices are through the roof on most things, rather than just the holy grailer type parts like Cook Bros cranks and Klein Adroits.

Obviously, the popularity of bikes is a good thing. The popularity of VRC is good at least from the perspective of saving the once neglected shwank parts from back in the day. There will still be garage finds, and some pawn shop fun, maybe a bankrupt shop liquidation or two...but eBay deals will be tough to find. Of course, eBay on the whole is much different from the animal it was a few years ago...bad policies, less individuals and more businesses, and less and less bargains. Too bad really...the sunsetting of an era.


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