Friday, December 12, 2008

Shadows and Light

I mentioned it earlier in the blog, that my brother had decided to suspend his longtime blog effort, Shadows and Light. I think that I understand his issues with blogging as a pressure inducing endeavor. You feel like you NEED to blog, because there may be people (or in my case, maybe not!) who are somehow waiting for your next update, and the sense of being compelled to give everyone the next 'heads up' sort of lets the smile out of the blog process.

Along the lines of that observation, and in some way because of his decision, I've decided to streamline my approach to the whole blog thing...

First! I can't really get too involved in the planning-speak thing here on my blog, because many of the issues I'd mention here fall into the category of conflict of interest, and I'm not about to lose my job over a comment on my blog! SO...Planning and modern architecture are OUT.

Second! I've been strongly considering selling the VW, and I'm not active at the moment in the Land Rover group here locally at the current time, so the Land Rover is just an appliance right now. Therefore, The Land Rover and VW thing is OUT!

Finally...I've never gotten comfortable with having my daughter's image brandied about on the web in a blog, so I'm removing mention of the family, at least as a title subject of the blog.

And last...I'm going to face lift the blog in the coming weeks. Look for a renewed emphasis on my cycling and training. There will be other things poking up now and again...but the original web-page started as a site about camping and biking with friends, and the current blog will get back to that. The face lift will help to make that point. Also, it may keep me interested...

So, for those of you who possibly lament the passing of Shadows and Light, I offer my tongue-in -cheek tribute to the artsy. I hope my changes to the blog do a better job of focusing on the point of what I really want to do here, and in that, will keep Utahdog! from following Shadows and Light into the sunset...



Steve said...

Bravo for continuing! You gotta blog in your comfort zone, so your changes sound wise.

And those bottom two photos are an admirable S&L tribute. I would never have taken anything like that Mickey photo, however. :)

Utahdog! said...

Mickey was the real joke. They were all supposed to be a bit of a razz, but I actually like the faucet on my rain barrel a bunch. I am a geek.

Did I tell you the book is bad-ass? The baby loves the orange refuse containers in Chelsea.