Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Homestead Diversion

Pergo Premium floor in the Dining Room. Weee! Took about a day, cost: about 300 bones. Looks much nicer than garage floor paint over Asbestos Tile. Here we are with the vapor barrier down, ready to lay some test-tube wood looking product.

A few courses under my belt, shown here with quarter inch shims to allow for expansion. (hey, I can read directions!)

My crew...

The Pergo down, now for the baseboards. We'll be using 1x4" rough sawn cedar, same as what's on the ceiling in this room, and used also as trim around my cedar ceiling in the kitchen. House smells like a sawmill now. It's nice.

Baseboards in, furniture in place. The baseboards worked pretty well. They are installed with construction adhesive, as the walls in this converted Florida Room are concrete. Only in the below picture was there a fit issue, where a rise in the middle of the floor, coupled with an uneven wall, made for some slappy looking fit. I'll just make sure anybody sitting in this room gets an extra large rum and coke before they notice it...and then they'll never notice it! Yeah, I like hats.
In the room looking out into the living room and kitchen. The Dining room is sunken, so there is a convenient step up to the rest of the house. This worked out great as I didn't need to undercut any door jams or anything like that during the flooring installation.

Pergo Premium, a pretty nice product. Went in easy. Has an insulated backing so you don't get that hollow sensation when you walk on it, like many laminate products, which keeps the floor from feeling like a Gap clothing store.