Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr Beer!

For Christmas, Kristen got me a Mr Beer home brewing kit. I've been interested in trying out a little home brewing, and this little sucker boils the process down (no pun intended!) so even a total knucklehead can figure out how it's done...

Here are the bottles, ready to go. I won't need these until 10 days in, when stage two of the fermenting process starts.

The keg, washed and cleaned out, and ready to roll..

Making the Wort. This is the first stage, boiling up what Mr Beer calls the 'Booster', which is essentially a big honkin' bag of sugar.

One Bag of 'Booster', one can of hopped extract, and a teeny packet of yeast, and then she sits. About 10 days in, when the yeast is done doing it's thing (minimum of 7 days, max of three weeks), I'll transfer the sludge to the quart bottles and cap them off and let the beer condition. Then I'm going to drink them all, all 2 gallons worth, in one sitting, and throw up on myself. Should be fun!

Happy little yeasts...GET TO WORK!

Sleeping yeasts. Stay out of the sun, little yeasts! I need my liquid bread.

The website has a billion recipes for custom beers and almost as many off the shelf mixes ready to go. I've bumped around on some home brewing web pages too, and a good many of the folks there say the Mr Beer is a cool way to start up in the hobby, and with 8 quarts of beer in the works, I think Mr Beer will turn out enough to keep me happy. Garrett Oliver, on the other hand...would probably not agree.


Steve said...

I can't wait to hear how this tastes.

Utahdog! said...

I was going to bottle tonight, for secondary fermenting and conditioning, but then then baby puked on me and I changed my mind. Kids.

Steve said...

I can see how that might take away your motivation.