Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rolex 24 hours of Daytona

The 1st and 3rd place cars are on display at Brumos Porsche here in town. I stopped by over lunch and took a few quick pictures. Its neat to see these machines in battle dress, rather than all flossed and waxed, as they are usually on display. These suckers were literally pushed out of the transport and onto the showroom floor.

Brumos, the famous local Porsche Dealer located here in Jacksonville, is the title sponsor.

The 1st place 58 car.

Battle worn.

59 car engine, looks darn dirty, and sports typical goo from 24 hours of competition, despite only mild oil leaks .

58 on the other hand, sported the notorious oil leak that was talked about (and agonized over)during the race.

Carbon bodywork damaged around the mirror stalk of car 58. This is what the stress of 195 mph drag does to even the most advanced of man made materials. The green is confetti from the winners circle.

59 car sports delaminating bodywork, again from the forces exerted on the car during competition. These things basically rattle and rumble themselves into oblivion.

Body damage to the splitter on the front of the 59 car. Some collision during competition. There were reports of this damage negatively affecting straight line speed on the high oval portions of the course during the race.

Monster disc brakes worn to nubs.

It was neat to see these suckers on display in this post race condition. Next, 58 heads down to Daytona to be displayed there for a week, and then both cars get taken apart and rebuilt for the next race in Virginia a little over a month away. 1st and 3rd place! File that under Local Boys Done Good.

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