Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday Road, Sunday Trail

Saturday road ride with the Orange Park guys. There were about 7 of us this time, so attendance was a little light. The ride started out a little hot, pace-wise, and my hamstring bothered me a bit, so I cut my ride off at the short length and returned to the shop with Craig and Travis. The short route is an option that the About Bikes folks usually have available to people who join the Saturday organized ride. Typically, the first 5 miles or so is warm-up pace, and considering the temperatures lately, that comes in handy. 12 miles after that the group hits the turnaround point at a public bathroom for the recreation path along hwy 17. Long group then carries on, while the short heads on back. The 4 of us on the short (Curt was there too, a new guy to the group) kept the pace pretty quick and we finished well before 10am. Craig usually rides short on Saturdays because he opens the shop for the owner, Kent. It was a pretty cold morning, but the cool weather jersey and vest that Kristen got me for Christmas really worked well to keep my pudge comfy. Shortened route distance for the ride, 34 miles. Headed home and watched little miss pissy while mom went to the store. Then I made some spaghetti for dinner. Nice domestic day.

Sunday, Travis and I hit Santos in Ocala again, same place as last week. I picked up Travis at a bout 6am, so we would get an early start and be back in tone to contribute meaningfully to our respected households. Funny-oops of the day...I fell on my head on the kiddy obstacles in the parking lot. Ha! I'm not sure of the distance, but we went from the Santos trail head to the Land Bridge over I-75, and then beyond by about 5-7 miles, into the next trail quadrant, called Christmas, believe it or not. Pics to follow!

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