Friday, January 23, 2009

SDG update

The saddle arrived yesterday, and it's in pretty good shape, so I'm pleased with that one. Grand total of SDG saddles in the collection?...9 Mavic 217 Sunsets?...7 Altek lever sets?...7 Deore DX short cage rear derailleurs?...8

Too bad I slept through the local Beast of the East eBay auction. A red Pepperoni fork would have been a nice addition to mine, rather than the NOS black Pepperoni I've got sitting in the shop.

It's a good thing most of my retro interests fly under the radar, or I'd be left eating bean curds and bread crumbs!

This looks like a Twitter post. "I am drinking a cup of coffee and eating a bagel." Or some such nonsense...

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