Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beast in the office, more SDG Goodness, and coffee.

I rode the Beast to work. New fork feels magical. Now I remember why I wanted one of these bikes back in the day. (Of course, why I originally sold the first one escapes me...I think I was dating a crazy woman at the time, probably sold the bike to buy her wine and cigarettes...)

Managed to snag two more SDG beauties off the old fleabay. Yummy...

I also broke my favorite coffee cup a few weeks back, and I've been laboring to find an appropriate man size replacement. The search is over... (that's it on the right...duh!)


Squirrel said...

The bike is really nice and looks like a comfy ride. The cup looks like a cream pitcher that decided to be a cup at the last minute.

Utahdog! said...

I am in complete and total LOVE with my cup. I'm a coffee guzzler at heart, and anything that limits my trips back to the kettle is a good thing!

Does sorta look like a pitcher, now that I think about it...