Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bikes in the Snow

As Winter here in North Florida takes a last ditch grasp of us before departing in favor of warmer weather and longer days, I throw out this shot ganked from my brothers blog, Shadows and Light. Ever since I lived in Colorado, over ten years ago now, I've always had an appreciation for the way snow settles on bicycles. Bikes are such fluid, and emotional machines to me, and the static impression left on them by the settling accumulation of snow is just fascinating.

Almost like rusty and abandoned bikes locked to racks on a college campus somewhere, only much less sad.

The fresh white snow around the bikes, contrasting with the darkened dirty slush in the street, also seems to confirm that which many cyclists already know...bikes are just so much more clean and friendly than automobiles.

Irony - I've loved cars all my life, too...I can't believe I'm even saying this.

Tomorrow, I'll throw Chain Reaction under the, I mean, I'll post my review.


Steve said...

WTF? Now you're ganking my pictures?

Just kidding. :)

My favorite thing about this shot is the grubbiness of Third Avenue in the background. It's amazing how fast nice white snow gets disgusting in NYC.

(My word verification is "snedum," which sounds kind of gross somehow.)

Utahdog! said...

word verification: "Winich"

As in, "Don't be such a Winich about your pictures!":)