Sunday, March 22, 2009

Close the Polls!

The votes are in on the latest survey of humanities intelligence...and the numbers don't lie!

0 People believe that I feed birds in my spare time by packing my navel with nuts and such. Good for you, folks. I only feed the stray cats that way. It was a trick question! Nyah Nyah!

0 People believe that I preen-practice. Probably representative of a mass dismissal of my hygiene in general. I may not pick knits off my chest, but I don't have a short memory either, and this one hurt.

1 Person actually knew about all these pictures they have now-a-days of nude folks on the web. The Internet is choked with these poor folks all splayed out in completely unnatural positions, all sorts of wacky outfits, strange props, even power tools! Er....not that I would know.

2 People understand my interest in power tools and strange positions. At least Chainsaw Juggling, anyway. It's therapeutic. Like pot in California.

2 People also believe the gimme choice, that clearly, I'm up to my knobby elbows in bike tools and dirty rags. Aint life grand?

And finally...4 folks voted for the booze. Hell, if I had to read my bog I'd think I was drinking too!

Blog Break everyone!...See you in a week!

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