Monday, March 16, 2009

I broke my nipples

This post has nothing to do with my home brewed beer.

Nope...just a follow up of the cracked and corroded nipples from the road bike front wheel that I had to rebuild last weekend. Yup...this is a good reason why you actually go over your bike once in a while and make sure all is well... Clearly here...all was not.

Again the theory is, that the front wheel, built by Performance Bike, was assembled with unprepared spoke threads, allowing the nipples to corrode on the inside. That corrosion acted as a wedge, literally calving the aluminum nipples in half like a wedge.

Lessons...1) Look over your bikes early and often. 2) When on group rides, always ride with people who clean their bikes, because you'll have some peace of mind that they've at least glanced at their wheels and other structural components. Remember that the guy that causes the wrecks generally isn't the same guy that needs clavicle reconstruction. 3) If you know how, and shamefully, I do...then don't get lazy. Unless you are buying a factory assembled wheel set like Mavic Ksyriums or whatnot, then build your own wheels.


Steve said...

If you keep up all this talk of nipples and "scroats," Blogger is going to put an adult-content advisory on your blog!

Anonymous said...

If you ever come to visit you can twist my nipples.