Monday, March 16, 2009

Juvenile Brew!

PG-13 warning...hide your children.

When my buddy Emery found out that I was brewing beer at home, he suggested the name of the first batch to hit the 12oz bottles. Of course, he wasn't being entirely serious, clearly he was mocking my brew-master skills, and he's probably mildly concerned his name is associated with the swill, especially on a public blog. Still, sarcasm is the illegitimate father of creativity, or something like that. (?)

Enjoy an ice cold bottle of...
Yummy. Arguably, there wouldn't be an 'A' in the abreviation, but the additional vowel serves to ensure that there is no phonetic butchery of this fine brand.


Steve said...

Are we really related?

Utahdog! said...

Ha! I figured the cute snowman would give me a pass with disapointed family members.

Anonymous said...

YUMMMMM! I love the taste of scroat.