Monday, March 16, 2009

Multigenerational Engineering

This is a Tinkertoy Jet. These Tinkertoys were my older brother's when he was just a little fellow. He's an old geezer now. These are old Tinkertoys. Tinkertoys were built to last. The container says there should be 95 pieces in this Tinkertoy set. There are 95 pieces. My brother was, and is, very particular. He is now just much, much, much older.
The baby liked her Tinkertoy jet. She held it for a second or two, and then demanded that her daddy make a scuba diver instead. Presumably it would be an old scuba diver.
- add a wee bit of bike trub to this post...See what happens when you move manufacturing overseas, Cannondale? The Pie Plate Scandal! Recalled for no pie plate! HA! It's not too late to return the rest of your manufacturing to New England where it belongs.


Steve said...

You mean I never lost a SINGLE Tinkertoy? Holy crap! I had no idea I was THAT obsessive.

I refuse to even address your remarks about my age.

Utahdog! said...

I'm surprised you remember who made the remarks!

Anonymous said...

When I sold all of my Star Wars stuff a few years ago I had all of the pieces for each item. Every little gun, Yoda's snake, the foam and monster from the trash compactor on the Death Star. The 40 year old geek I sold it to said he had never seen so many complete parts. He is probably playing with the snake right now.