Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poll results!

As if to emphasise how little impact my blog really has on the world, the results of my first ever poll are in, and they confirm, as I have long suspected, that my blog is but a teensy weensy blip on the radar of the Internet. And you'd better have damn strong radar to find it.

When given a choice...

0% of respondents replied that my blog was in fact so bad that I should just stick an eating utensil in my throat, hurl my corpse out on to a freeway, and end it all. Scores here reflect that most blog readers are relatives, and therefore are duty bound to like me, and by logical extension, to like any worthless crap I post on the web. Thanks Mom!

Similarly, 0% of respondents also think that my blog is a poor use of their time, time that could be better put to use by watching a marathon of The Hills on MTV. Scores here reflect that my parents probably are not aware that there is such an animal as The Hills. Either that, or they just hate Spencer as much as the rest of us.

Earning 1 vote, a full 16% of the total votes cast (weeee!) Passable, but your life is as dull as mine, so why bother?! When pressured, and bribed with gifts of chocolate and back rubs, my wife revealed that she was the lone vote for this option. Logical, yet strangely depressing.

And finally, 84% of you (OK, 5 other people) voted that they all wanted to be just like me. Granted that's not exactly a gold plated offer that many folks would see as super-grand-amazing, but still. 84%! Woot!!....

...OK, I have to come clean, I voted twice, so technically only 3 other people, out of the 6 billion on the planet, want to be exactly like me. I do take heart, however, in recognizing that only 3 other people are probably reading the blog...besides my wife, of course.


Squirrel said...

I'm really sorry I forgot to vote, Your blog is the bestest blog EVER, but I have had a series of ailments (real or imagined) that have kept me from visiting all the blogs. (I think I have computer elbow, clicky thing thumb and wacky pain wrist)

is it too late for me to vote?

Avid Reader said...

oh crud.. . I forgot to vote!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the reason I get up in the morning.


Utahdog! said...

My blog is the reason I get up in the morning too!

Wow, what an outpooring! I promise to double my efforts and release three times the garbage I've been churning out!


Utahdog! said...


I gotta lern to spell more better.

Steve said...

I have to qualify my vote by saying that I don't really know what "The Hills" is either.

And don't assume I like you. :)