Monday, April 20, 2009

Post Clean-Up Zaskar

Spent a little time after the Saturday morning road ride polishing the Zaskar up a bit. It's important when cleaning these ball-burnished frames up to not hit them with so much polish or abrasives that you completely remove the burnished surface. Zaskars wouldn't be mirror smooth in finish, just shiny with a slight hint of the peened surface peeking through. In these pictures you can see that there are some places where cable rub and other trail use evidence still exists, post clean-up...but to remove all of that would leave a more scratchable and tarnishable surface behind. Remember, the point is to clean the existing finish, not create a new one.

Seat cluster with GT clamp.

Bottom Bracket junction. An old toothbrush works great to get the polish into those toothpaste welds...ironic.

Drive side dropout, with derailleur hanger removed to ease in the cleanup.

Head tube...cable rub marks are pretty apparent here. Still, the frame cleaned up nicely, and replacement decals are on the way.

Like Wall-e says..."Tah Dah!"

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