Sunday, May 10, 2009

EWR - Moving Right Along...

I know, I know...I said I wasn't going to build up the orange EWR, and I swear I'm not going any further than this, yet. But I did put the parts that came with the frame (headset, fork and seat post) on the bike, and then I also had the Race Face turbines, bottom bracket and Race Face System stem. There's also a M901 XTR rear derailleur on there too, but I'm not convinced I'm going in that direction drive train wise yet.

The Race Face cranks, bash ring, bottom bracket and a fresh Salsa chain ring. There will be no front derailleur on the bike. Don't need one in Florida, thanks...

Race Face stem, Rock Shox Hydra-Coil Psylo fork with a 20mm thru-axle fork and the Mango Orange Chris King headset. I've never had a 20mm axle fork before, so that will be a neat experience to try. The Psylo fork is very similar to the Revelation on my blue EWR, (oil-bath spring...AKA Hydra-Coil, and adjustable travel, AKA U-Turn, in Rock Shox speak), although it is a 2002 model. The Psylo is even old enough to be pre-Sram and therefore built in Colorado and not Taiwan like the Revelation. Good.
I was a little iffy on using the Mango King headset on an orange frame, but what the came with the frame, and it does match the top cap of the fork, so I'll put it to use. Never waste a King.

Race Face System. 5 degree and 130mm should fit this frame well. This is NOS, and while I paid only 10 bucks for it on the old flea-bay, the box said $90. Score!

A sunny picture.

I'm not going any further with it right now, so like the Zaskar it will sit until I'm ready to play with it. But unlike the Zaskar, which I admittedly only picked up for the fun of it, I am very interested in riding the EWR. We'll see how long I can hold out before I snap and drop a grand on parts at Pricepoint. Weeee!


Anonymous said...

I would offer you some mango headset spacers but it doesn't look like you need any. How much steerer tube is in the stem?

Utahdog! said...

The Race Face stem is perfect, but anything with even the slightest taller clamp would need a longer steerer tube.