Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RTS update

Been doing a little research, before I go blasting off half cocked and beat the boogers out of somebody with my monitor muscles. Here's what I got...

The RTS auction lists the frame clearly as an 18", with an 18" seat tube and a 22.5" top tube. My understanding of GTs says that's an 18, like my Zaskar. Those measurements listed on the auction match my Zaskar perfectly. An 18" RTS has the measurements that the seller advertised, a 16 does not. A 16, measures up as 16" and 21.5". SO...I hit up the seller to do the right thing and accept my request for a refund.

I got sass instead...I don't know how to measure a bike, I don't know how to measure a GT, He thinks I should enjoy my new tiny bicycle. Have a nice day.

Not so fast, princess...

I sent him a response telling him he's wrong and I expect him to do the right thing when the frame, that leaves my house tomorrow, gets to him. Refund buddy. Do it.

I opened a dispute to start the clock, but I hope it doesn't get that far. The only thing I can figure is that seller either, 1) measured the thing wrong, or 2) 'optimized' his measurements to get the size up to 18, a more common size.

We'll see what happens.


Steve said...

The way I see it, if a buyer asks for a refund, you give them a refund. Period. Hopefully they'll see it in the same way!

Anonymous said...

Where does he live? We can go beat the crap out of him if he doesn't refund the money.

Utahdog! said...


No beatings, please.

This morning I woke up and had a refund waiting for me. The frame goes back tonight. I think he just tried to strong-tactic me into keeping the thing, but when I stood firm on my position that he listed the frame incorrectly and that he could either refund the dough or let PayPal solve it, (Which as everyone knows, typically goes in the buyers favor), he cashed me out.

I'm glad he did the right thing...a little prodding in the right direction and most folks will make good, I guess.

word verification "Gramp" As in, "Don't be such a crotchety gramp and just give me back my cash already!"