Friday, June 19, 2009

Tsali - November, 2001

Beers and Bikes

Matt heads up the Alpharetta Autobahn with me trailing.
On our way up. Truth be I mention a little later here...we pretty much didn't ride at all, and mostly spent the weekend drunk. We actually did right loop with the two shortcuts, which amounts to about 2 miles of riding...all weekend...pitiful.

4.0 liter with Spooky, built with Marzocchi QR20 and Profile Racing steel cranks, off the back. Yum.

This bike got barely any use at all. Matt had totally soured on Spooky, and in general, just like me, wanted to ride his bike as much as he wanted to stick a fork in his own neck.

Townie eyes me suspiciously upon our return...
I caved under pressure and revealed that Matt and I just got totally hammered and didn't ride a lick all weekend. I blame the women.

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