Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tsali - October, 2002

Prepping the feets for a cold trip.

Hardwood floors in the old apartment needed work.

Actually, fire up the wrecking ball...the whole PLACE needed work!

Utah is set for the drive, and all aboard are ready for the luxury of a tent after life in the s#%$@-box apartment!

After the drive, a tasty meal. We were the first ones to the site, and Kristen and Utes held down the fort while I went for fire-wood and some refreshments.

Refreshments! The "Wall of Shame" begins!


The motor home!


NOC still has green leaves in spite of the cold temperatures.

Kristen and I spent a day at the Fontana Dam...part of the TVA system.


The water was low.

"Take the picture already!"

"Hold on a sec fellas...I just need to completely rebuild my drive train before we go..."

"This piece is supposed to be in there, Gary" Says Paul...Gary pulls on his goat in deep thought.

Ready to Ride!

Utah has little fish heads on his noggin, like bunny ears!

Killer Whale head on this side. One of the toys from the PiƱata that one of the crew had brought for drunken entertainment.

Inflatable hands.

The Halloween Peep slaughter begins.

Progress on the Wall of Shame. We got too pickled to take anymore pictures of it after this one.

Tent Warmer

Under his blankie.

Nantahala Village for breakfast.

After the NOC menu went to hell, this is the place to eat.

Damn fine grub!

The drive out on 19. I had twisted my ankle badly on the last ride of the weekend and driving was not a comfy experience.

A stop by Vogel State Park on the way home...


Paul said...

I can't remember what the problem was with his bike. I think I am holding a lock ring but he does look perplexed.

Utahdog! said...

He borrowed those wheels from Matt, and the cassette Matt was using was 7 speed and the cassette Gary had was 8...or something like that. I just remember making jokes with Calloway about how we should just slap Gary out of the way and build the bike for him.

Funny, but I have at least 4 pictures of Gary doing last minute repairs on bikes...moments before a ride. I may have to make that a blog-post of its own!

Utahdog! said...

Actually...maybe you loaned him the wheels? There are orange Velicity rims on your Dean in the last post, right?

Utahdog! said...

*Velocity* rims...

Paul said...

Those aren't the orange Velocity's. Those are closer to the Mavic citrus but I think I think they were Sun/Ringle or something like that.

Utahdog! said...

They look like Velocity Aero Heats to me...not Deep-Vs but Aero Heats. The picture with Gary working on the wheel, at the bottom of the rim it looks like the black and gold Velocity logo.

If they were your wheels, and Not Matt's, then you'd know better thatn me tho...

Paul said...

Maybe they were Matt's, they weren't mine. Mine were the deep v, real orange like the Dean was.