Friday, July 17, 2009

Not in my Britches!

The little girl is in potty-training mode. Doing a fine job with the wee part, but the poo component, as is the case with many kids, is a tough nut to crack. Of course the thing we're trying to do, one of the more popular solutions, is to just put her in underwear and send her off, as having an accident in underwear is much more uncomfortable than an accident in a diaper, or than doing the right thing and waving the white flag of surrender in the face of the rising 'tide' in the first place. Sending her off to school in underwear means sending spare underwear. Spare underwear, you'll remember, especially those of you who spent any amount of time at a summer camp as a kid, means having to put your name in them with a Sharpie.

Something tells me that her mom got a little confused here. Sorry dear, but those are NOT my britches! Whoops!

Blog Break! See you in a weak!

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