Friday, July 10, 2009

Tesla-Klein Connection

Google is celebrating the birthday of Nikola Tesla today. Google does this little thing of picking out various random characters from history and creating some dorky little manipulation of the word "Google" that relates to their contributions to the world. Tesla is the Big Bad Daddy of AC, or the Alternating Current. I could give Google credit for teaching me about Tesla, but actually, that credit goes to the website Hamtest Online. Yeah, I got a HAM radio license a little while back, and while I haven't done much with it (baby) some of the bizarre random information which I studied for the test actually stuck. Too bad there wasn't an "Algebratest Online" website when I was a kid. Thumbs up to Google for bringing these little tidbits of history to the unwashed masses on their way to Jumbo Jubblies Dot Com.

Anyway...looks like Nikola was a good buddy of Gary Klein, or at the very least Tinker Juarez. Leave it to Klein to emulate one of the greatest developments in modern engineering and in doing so create a rolling tribute to not only Tesla, but also furry hat wearing pimps the world over. Thumbs down Klein. Stick to fades and deep metalics. Godspeed.

I ganked the Klein pic from Retrobike, so if the bike's owner complains, I may have to take the pic down and replace it with something more relevant, like a picture of a bag of Fritos. If Google complains about unauthorized use, I'll be blogging next week as the new cellmate of Bernie Madoff.
Save the Cache! Skirt The Man!


Steve said...

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark used to sing a song called "Tesla Girls," and I suppose it must somehow be connected to Nikola Tesla, but I haven't the foggiest idea how.

Utahdog! said...

OMD! What a crappy band! HA!