Saturday, August 8, 2009

1994 EWR update

AND...while I was working on the bikes...finishing up the Klein, cleaning the blue EWR, etc...I figured I'd take a minute to drop a new (to me anyway!) part on the old white EWR.


After! Can you see the difference?

Red Race Face stem instead of the Thomson. Not that there's anything wrong with the Thomson, just that the Race Face System stem is RED! When I pulled off the red cranks a while back, and swapped in the Shimano Saint crankset...I felt like the bike lost some spark with the lack of red. And...seeing as I'm all about the show and not at all concerned about the go...I figured I'd make the senseless change! Did it make the bike better or worse?!...Nah. Did it make the bike more Red? Hell yeah! Job well done!

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