Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cool Tool

The old Cool Tool, invented by Robert Seals of Retrotek fame, made the rounds a while back on the retro boards. These were one of the first multi-tool, bike specific thig-a-ma-jigs to hit the market in the mountain bike heyday. With very few exceptions, the tool is still largely relevant, although adding an 8 mm Allen is necessary for ISIS or Octalink crank bolts. Small issue.

I've had this one since 1991 or so. My buddy Gary picked up one back in school, and I liked his enough to order one too. As I recall, we purchased them from a now defunct mail order outfit called "Airborne Mountain Bikes" in Missoula Montana. Back in the day we ordered a bunch of stuff from Airborne.

Check out the patent page for more oggles and ooggles and inventor information if you want. It's a neat little invention that has served me very well over many years of cycling.

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