Friday, August 28, 2009

eBay goodies

Been at it a little bit. I plan to have the EWR E-Motion built for my trip to North Carolina with the fellas in two weeks....and the SDG here and the Kona P2II disc brake fork will go on that. The Hugi hub was also intended for that purpose, but like an idiot I bid my max price and only noticed after the auction ended that it was a 36 holer. I have a Hugi/Mavic 217 Sunset front wheel already built, and I've amassed a pretty good stash ot Sunset rims over the years, (before everyone and their cousin begain bidding the price of them up thru the stratosphere anyway) so all I need is a 32 hole Hugi rear hub in good shape, preferably NOS actually. Looks like now I'll be sitting on the hub for a short time looking for a 36 hole 217 Sunset, or maybe I'll just dump the hub back on eBay and keep looking for the 32 holer. I need to learn to least before I bid.

Total number of SDG saddles? 14! Maybe it is time for me to be a featured 'patient' on Hoarders after all!

Total number of Kona P2II forks? 4

Total number of holes?... Too many!

Pics, as always, shamelessly ganked from the auction pages.


Steve said...

LOL -- you're a bike hoarder!

Nah, believe me, you're way too neat and methodical to belong on that show. :)

Utahdog! said...

I watched the "Stephen and Laura" episode of Hoarders. Wild how the one who seemed the most at risk was the biggest success story, and the one who seemed to be sorta ok fell apart at the end of the show. Sad.

Neill said...

14 saddles is Class One OCD :-)

Says someone with multiple sets of NOS DX Thumbies :-/

Utahdog! said...

I would never razz someone for hoarding thumbshifters. That's not psychotic, that's just good planning!

Steve said...

Laura had a MUCH bigger house and way more stuff to clear out. Hence the falling apart.

And I bet if we go back to Steven's place in six months, it'll look exactly like it did.