Friday, August 28, 2009

EWR History - More

This frame auction on eBay launched a thread on Retrobike about who the early EWR frames were welded up by, and where and when. When the thread reached wide enough that a previous employee of Grove Innovations spoke up and corrected some of the more obvious oversights, I figured, Rody put his hand up so why not ask him to clear up a few questions that I've had for quite a while about my EWRs! Here's what Rody, (who today welds up very smart looking frames, stems, forks and bars under the Groovy Cycleworks banner,) said.

Utahdog! - Did all Grove built EWRs have serial numbers?
Rody - No
U! - Were you with Grove at the time (EWRs were built under licence)?
R - At Grove during the 90's
U! - From your understanding, all production of the first generation bikes, up until 1997-8 would have been either made by Kenn/Jay and then Grove only? No involvement by Bilenky or any other contract manufacturer?
R -No other manufacturer that I am aware of, Fresh Frame did the paint, however.
U! - Do the answers to the above extend to the E-Motion and B2 frames also, and not just the OWB?
R - Hairy Eyeball, E-motion, and full sussy Aluminum Trials
So according to Rody, all steel bikes from the first incarnation of the EWR brand are Groves, regardless of dropouts...excepting the few made by Jay and Kenn very early.

Therefore, according to Rody, even my 1997 E-Motion is a Grove. Thanks for the info Rody! You've been a big help to all of us in the retrobike-addict world!

Believe it or not, Hairy Eyeball was the first name for the OWB! Hairy Eyeball?!?


Paul said...

I want it! Are you going to buy it?

Utahdog! said...

nope...but I've got a buddy in South Carolina who's wife is in need of a frame. This time she says she wants something with a soul...