Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Furry Bastard Karma

I was riding home last night, when something little and pink and squirmy in the road caught my eye. I looped around quickly and came upon this poor little fellow in the road, fresh from a 20 foot tumble from a nearby oak tree. Poor little guy!

I scooped him up and rode the last 3 or so miles to the house cradling him in m left hand, then I wrapped him in a towel and a couple bike bottles filled with warm water to keep him warm. I fed him some warm soy milk, and he seemed to take to that a little bit, but not too much. He also wasn't in very good shape, physically. You can see that he's got some pretty good bruises on his left hip there, and the crown of his head seems very bruised...not a good sign.

I have recovered orphaned squirrels before, and there's a place here in town that rehabilitates the little furry bastards, so I figured that I was meant to find him. The least I could do was give him a comfy warm place to either recuperate enough to go to the orphan squirrel people, or pass away peacefully.

My worst fears were realized this morning, as when I woke up I found that he had gone. Looking at him this morning, I do think he has a pretty serious injury to his little noggin, there...where you can see the dark crown on his head. I think the poor fellow took a tumble from the nest and landed on his head in the road. Sad.

Hea was a cute little guy. *sob* Maybe I'm being taught a lesson in furry bastard karma from my comments about the chipmunks and their Cheez-Its?


Steve said...

You did more than most people. You TRIED, at least.

Paul said...

He could have been Jane's pet bastard.

Utahdog! said...

Sad little fellow, wasn't he. Poor guy. He made these funny squeak/snort noises, which after he passed, I decided might have been a symptom of his head injury.

We had some liriope grasses in pots that I had purchased to fortify an ornamental grass bed around one of our oak trees. I planted one of the liriopes, digging the hole and laying the little man, wrapped in a paper tower, at the base of the root ball, in the bottom of the hole. A sort of circle of life type thing I guess.

The whole deal really bothered me more than I thought it would.