Sunday, August 9, 2009

Klein on Dirt!

I told you it was going on the maiden voyage today, and go we did. The Rascal felt as I expected it would, light, stiff, and generally a fun little blast from the past. I did cheat on my conviction about going to the trail with just the case it either completely sucked for some reason, or in case I screwed the pooch in putting the little beastie together. Good thing the White EWR was in tow too, because after about 8 miles or so, the Klein developed a loose headset, and that threaded unit requires flat wrenches, simple threadless Allen adjustments here!

Besides, the EWR got the new Race Face stem, so I needed to dial that in too...all good there.

Build note:...the Kooka brake levers lived up to their reputation...JUNK. They look great. They are nice and light. They are crap. I should have known better. 'Kooka' must be a synonym for 'garbage.'

Here I am ready to hit the road, off to Hanna Park...the ubiquitous oceanside off-road trails.

Oceanside trails, and a newly dirtied Klein Rascal.


Tomorrow I'm gonna commute on the thing, for grins. Travis may want to take a gander at it also...he's been harping on me for nearly a year to get it together.

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